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Our Annual Ethics Event

To be held at our August 2019 Austin AMFT Meeting


Friday, August 9th, 2019

9:30am till 1:00pm


Cover 3 Restaurant

2700 W. Anderson Lane #308

(located in the Village Shopping Center)

Austin, Texas


Ethical Implications of Compassion Fatigue

Here's what you will receive 

with a paid attendance:

3 hours of Education,

3 Ethics CEUs, plus

Breakfast is included

Limited seating. This event sells out every year.

Please register early. Thank you.

Presentation Summary

Self-care for therapists and counselors is often encouraged and even mandated in

ethics codes, but easily neglected. While work burnout can occur in any occupation,

helping professionals can be at higher risk due to caring for the needs of hurting

people. Compassion fatigue is a state of exhaustion experienced by those helping

people in distress over time; it is an extreme state of tension and preoccupation

with the suffering of others. Estimates for distress of workers in the health care field

range from 21% to over 50% for those working with trauma clients.

Yet, burnout is not inevitable. The key is understanding the difference between

acute stress vs. the chronic stress cycle. First, we look at real life issues through self-

tests, case studies, and research that explore problems with professional

impairment, having poor boundaries with clients and co-workers, and potentially

harming clients with unethical decisions and behavior. Next is a short and simple

overview of somatic models showing that true stress resilience takes more than

typical self-care techniques. Last, you will learn tools to create a personal plan to

prevent or heal compassion fatigue. Get ready for an ethics course that can change

how you see yourself and how you care for yourself to become a more effective and ethical helper.

Interest Areas Covered:

Do you have compassion fatigue and burnout?

Ethical guidelines relevant to compassion fatigue

Who gets compassion fatigue and burnout?

Why is chronic stress so difficult to overcome according to recent neuroscience?

Exercises for immediate and ongoing relief

Learning Objectives

1) The attendees will be able to list 4 life areas affected by Compassion Fatigue or Burnout.

2) The attendees will be able to list 2 ethical mandates concerning personal impairment.

3) The attendees will be able list 3 groups of individuals who are vulnerable to the development of Compassion Fatigue.

4) The attendees will be able to list 2 strategies to reduce the symptoms of Compassion Fatigue of Burnout.


Jae Carter is a psychologist who specializes in health psychology.

Since 1998, she has helped individuals and families adjust to mental

health and medical conditions such as dementia, stroke, and

traumatic brain injury. She has worked in psychology clinics, nursing

homes, and hospitals such as UT Southwestern.

Dr. Carter founded the company Caring by Connection to help those

who experience emotional exhaustion due to caring for others. Her

workshops are based on the healing power of compassion. She uses

her knowledge of neuroscience to show how to make lasting changes

to the chronic stress response and enjoy greater well-being and work satisfaction.

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News Flash


Did you know that the LMFT board 
 recently APPROVED a revised set of MFT Rules?

Here is the link to our new MFT Rules which were approved on March 7th, 2019


The following list contains the PROPOSED
             LMFT Rule changes


  • Records must be kept 6 years or 5 years beyond the age of 18 for a minor


  • If applicant has been licensed as an LMFT for 2 years preceding the application, academic and experience hours will be considered met


  • Unlimited supervision sessions by live video; only 50 hours by telephonic services


  • Maintain and sign a record to document the date and total number of hours of supervised experience at each supervision session
  • Supervisors must ensure the LMFT Associate knows and adheres to all statutes and rules


  • An applicant who fails the exam my retake the exam as many times as needed until the expiration of the application.


  • After an investigation and evidence indicating a violation of board rules, a Notice of Violation will be issued proposing disciplinary action on a penalty matrix (801.302) and an opportunity will be given for an Informal Settlement Conference

Technology-Assisted Services

LMFTs now need 2 CEUs in this area to renew licenses.

Do you know what the Texas Administrative Code is for LMFTs 

as it concerns Technology-Assisted Services?

We, as licensed LMFTs, need to have complied with these rules by

January 1st, 2018. (Yes, 2018.)

Click here to find out. 

One Technology-Assisted CEU
               was provided at our 
            October 2018 Luncheon

A second Technology-Assisted CEU
             will be provided at our 
            October 2019 Luncheon


We can help you find a therapist. No matter who you are, no matter what your situation, there is someone who can help you.

Find more information on the wide range of specialists available to assist you.

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We are the Austin Chapter of The Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (TAMFT), and a division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT)

Our mission is to unite students, service agencies, and emerging and seasoned professionals to promote the licensure of marriage and family therapists, clinical systemic thinking, and to distinguish the field of Marriage & Family Therapy as unique and beneficial to the greater Austin community. 

If you have any questions feel free to email

Austin AMFT is calling for speaker proposals for our 


monthly luncheons!

We are looking for dynamic speakers to present on a wide range of clinical topics as seen through a systemic lens in working with individuals, families, and/or couples and how your work impacts the family system, community, and/or socio-cultural spheres.

Would you be interested in presenting at one of our 2019 monthly lunches?

If so, then please...

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Meetings are held the second Friday of every month except for July and December at our new location: 

Cover 3 on Anderson Lane

Upcoming Events

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Classified Section


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Fundementals of Imago Training

A 2-day Fundamentals of Imago Training will be held in Austin, Texas beginning in the late fall of 2019 Please contact Michelle Bohls at 512-577-3371 This is for licensed and unlicensed professionals such as coaches, ministers, nurses, doctors, attorneys, as well as your partners who want to embark on applying Imago theory and communication skills in a variety of settings. Cost $350 or for longterm committed or married couples $500. For more information: Imago Meet and Greet Information


July 27, 2019    5:30 PM to 7:30 PM,


Sept. 7, 2019   3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Michelle Bohls @512-577-3371

  Posted 6/20/2019 

Clinical Group

Men's Group

Looking for a Few Good Men

   Maybe you’ve been working with the wife and the man needs therapy too.
   Maybe you’ve been seeing the couple but the man isn’t as receptive as the wife.
   Maybe he doesn’t believe in therapy but a group of guys sounds better.

   Mens group improves relationships and supports marital work. Men in group listen better, think more, and                  become more relational. The intimacy of group seeps into other relationships.

   After 30 years of leading groups in Houston, I’m starting a new mens group in Austin. Since I am now semi-                  retired without a full practice, I’m looking for one or two additional members. If I can be helpful to you, please            let me know. 

   Please contact: Steve Katzman, LMFT 713-202-1942 /

   Posted 2/6/19



  Starting free peer support/supervision monthly group on Fridays in South Austin for        
  therapists with at least 5-10 years experience. 

  Call Deborah Vanko, LMFT      515-778-9671


Need a new office space?! 

Coming July 1st, we will have an office space available in our suite. We are located in Westlake and have a supportive community. Included in your rent: secured wifi for clinicians, water, coffee, wifi, reading materials for clients, fax/copy machine, etc. Contact me for pics and more info. :) 

Please contact Nicole Richardson, LPC-S, LMFT-S


     posted 04/25/2019





Janis Claflin LMFT-S is inviting others in need of office space to share her warm and inviting office space.

Your lease will include sharing a reception room, a conference and a kitchenette/workroom and storage area. It includes a phone system, internet and free utilities.

If interested, call Janis at 512-327-4726 or email her at


Call the office and drop by to check out any additional space you might need to support your work in the world.

posted 06/11/2019


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