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GEneral Questions

I would like to submit an advertisement to Austin AMFT's Newsletter. Where can I submit information?

You can submit your information for advertising by going under "About Us" on the menu bar and clicking on "Advertise with Us". You will re-directed to a from where you can fill out your information. If your ad is approved, you should receive an email with a link to pay.


How do I access my profile and make changes to my information?

You must first be logged into your membership account to make changes to your profile. At the top of every page it should say your name along with "change password" and "log out". Click on your name and you should be redirected to your membership profile. From there, you can edit you information and see what payments you have made for membership as well as event registration. You can also edit your privacy settings. If you are in our public directory, any information that is set to "Anybody" will be posted on your public directory profile. If you wish to be included in our public directories, submit your information for approval on the directory pages.

Will I be notified if my membership is expiring?

You will receive three emails regarding membership expiration. One at 14 days before your expiration date, another at 7 days before your membership expires and then a final email on the day of your membership.

I am a member and I would like to be included in the public directories on the Austin AMFT website. How do I request to be included?

There is a link on each of the directory pages with a link to a submission form for the directories. You can find the Therapist Directory page here and the Supervision Directory page here. Have you submitted your info, but aren't seeing yourself in the directory? Email If you do see your information in the directory, but want to change what information is displayed on your public profile. Just log into your account, navigate to your membership profile and click on "Privacy".


I am a member trying to sign up for an event and I am unable to select membership pricing. How do I sign up for an event as a member?

Starting with our February 2016 meeting, in order to receive membership pricing on our monthly luncheons, you must be a paid member on our our website. If you are not already a member click here to join. If you are a member, you must be logged in to your account to be able to select the membership pricing options for our events. If you are a member and you sign up for an event at a non-member rate you will not be given a refund. 

I am a student attending a meeting for the first time and wish to receive my free lunch. How can I register for an event?

If you are a student registering for an event for the first time, lunch on us! Just be sure to sign up on our website as a Non-Member Student! Then, every time you come to a meeting and bring a student guest, you get another free lunch! As does your guest! Click here to join as a Non-Member Student.
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